We recently boarded our two scotties at WAGS for the weekend. I cannot begin to say how impressed we were! I cannot imagine two people who are as thoughtful and caring as Heidi and her mom. Their genuine love for pets shines. Thank you both SO much for making our babies feel at home and loved! WAGS is the only place our babies will ever stay!!

Caylee W.

Even though I knew Sweetpea would be well taken care of, I was still apprehensive on how my beloved would handle being away from her family for the first time in 11 years... Needless to say, she had a great time and basically had a lil mini vacay herself! She loved Heidi, and I wouldn't hesitate for 1 second to leave her there again☝️
Victoria is SO BLESSED AND FORTUNATE to have this business available to us. Truly priceless!

Katie M.

We met Heidi when she worked for Dr Beck and were so impressed when she'd get down on the floor with a anxious patient and comfort it. I have never seen that before or since. A loving mother, she is just as caring with our pets. She's a gem!!

Mary M.

Heidi and her family are such a responsible and caring bunch. Whenever I travel, like right now, this is where my dogs go. It gives me great peace of mind to know she will take excellent care of them. Thank you Heidi for all you do!

Anabel M.

There is no way to convey what a great and trustworthy person Heidi is. She is the only person I truly feel comfortable with caring for my furbabies. I have moved out of state and my biggest fear was finding someone to take care of my dogs. I actually would have taken my dogs all the way to Texas for her to take care of on my next vacation, but she's already booked. You can rest assured she will take care of your pets as if they are her own.

Robin R.

There is NO where else I'd leave my boys!!! Wags is always ALWAYS clean and disinfected and she makes sure that all animals staying there are up to date on all vaccinations which is huge in the safety of all our babies. Heidi isn't only an extreme animal lover and activist but she use to work for a local vet and is knowledgable if something were to happen to one of my boys while in her care . The added cameras ,security system and the fact that she lives on site are all added reasons I know my babies are safe. We LOVE our Wags family

Melodie G.

Heidi's love for animals is so true and genuine! There is no other place I would want my baby to go. Your pet will be spoiled here and truly loved at WAGS!! So thankful for this place!

Becky S.

I'd never leave my sweet girl with anyone other than Heidi, Mary Ann, Paul & Cayden! She is like a part of their family when she's at WAGS. I'd rather cancel my out-of-town plans than leave my pup with anyone else!!!

Elizabeth S.

Absolutely LOVE WAGS! Wouldn't leave our fur babies with anyone else. Awesome set-up (cage free) with even more awesome owners! They truly care about your babies and treat them as one of their own!

Jessica B.

Heidi is the only one i trust with my babies, if theyre not staying with her, they are either with us or our family... the one time i tried using someone else (because she was booked of course) my dogs were abused. She is worth every single penny!!! So sad that the oilfield is down because we will soon be moving.

Ally G.

Heidi and her mother provided excellent care and allowed me to be comfortable leaving the country with my "child" in her care. I will definitely use WAGS services again!!! :) Thank you Heidi!!!

Kristin L.

Absolutely love Wags and it really is where animals get spoiled. So glad we were able to get Bean in . Can definitely tell he is much happier staying at Wags.

Amanda K.

My dog Abby was treated so well. I knew she would be in great hands. So thankful for WAGS! Thank you for being so sweet Heidi!

Brooks J.

We love "Aunt Heidi". She has always taken such wonderful care of Anna, Sadie and Abby. She shows such love, compassion and responsibility for all animals.

Tracy G.

The BEST Place Ever . I don't know what to do if my dogs can't stay there so we usually stay home . That sounds sad but true lol

Kim F.

Heidi and Mary Ann are both awsome with my Brodee...He refuses to stay anywhere else!!!

Jaimye A.

Stella and Smoke LOVE staying at WAGS!!!!! Thanks to Heidi & Mary Ann for loving our pups!

Kim A.