"Doggy Bag"

While staying at Wags!, your furbaby will have a private “closet” in their room to store items. Your belongings are not shared with other guests. You are not required to bring anything except food, but you are encouraged to bring a favorite blanket, bed, toy, treats, or even bowls, if they only like their dishes.…whatever is going to make them (and you) feel better. If you cannot bring items or forget something, we can provide all of these at no extra charge.

“Chow Time!”

We DO REQUIRE that you bring your own food due to many dogs being on different diets. Upset tummies are no fun. We can refrigerate any perishable items you may bring. If you do not bring food, or forget it, we can feed a low residue food for $1.00 per cup (or feeding if less), per pet. Medications required? No problem! There is NO extra charge to administer medications. The owner of Wags! previously worked in a veterinary hospital, so medicines will be administered and handled appropriately. In extremely rare cases, a medical fee may be added if extensive attention is required.
Ex: post op care, paralyzed animals, or those requiring therapy, etc…we will be happy to discuss any of your concerns with you.


Please make sure that your pet is CURRENT on VACCINATIONS! This includes the
Distemper/ Parvo combo (we require it YEARLY), Rabies (3 year is ok), and Bordatella (YEARLY). ALL PETS MUST HAVE proof of Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella and Rabies being given. Vaccines must be given on or before vet’s recorded due date! If the yearly booster was missed or late, a 10 day wait is mandatory for any pet booking with us. Puppies must have completed ALL sets of vaccinations before they can stay at Wags!, and must be completely potty trained.

ALL DOGS MUST BE COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED! Dogs are let out potty a minimum of 4 times a day, and sometimes up to 6 times a day, depending on the animal. Plenty of time and chances are offered for potty breaks, so there should not be a problem with accidents. POTTY PADS: If your dog ONLY uses potty pads and will not/does not go potty outside, we do allow you to bring enough pads, and he/she MUST use them accurately! Too many times pads tend to be a hassle due to the dog not getting completely on them when they potty, causing the urine to go all over the floor and bedding. Your dog MUST be an accurate user of them in order to bring them. If not, they are not considered potty trained. For sanitary reasons, we cannot accommodate doggies that are not potty trained, on medications causing accidents, have urinary incontinence, or have “marking” issues. If these problems arise while a dog is at Wags!, a $10.00 a day extra care fee will be added to the bill, and pet will be crated to protect the facility. A larger room may be needed in order to accommodate the crate, and a room increase fee may be incurred, depending on the size of the animal.

If your pet has fleas, parasites, worms, dirt/odor, they will be given flea/parasite medicines and/or bath at the facility I choose, at the expense of the owner. I am not set up form grooming, but if I have to bathe the animal, I charge $20.00 for small, 30.00 for medium, and $45.00-$60.00 for large. We want a clean, healthy environment for all the animals staying at our facility. Odor from one dog can actually “contaminate” the air and other clean doggies. If you provide bedding, please make sure it is clean. We want all furbabies to go home smelling fresh.

We require all dogs to have basic house manners. Aggressive dogs cannot board here due to liability and handling safety of our employees and other dogs. Destructive dogs/HIGH separation anxiety dogs cannot board here due to the continuous cost of repairs due to this behavior. Out of respect for our neighbors, dogs who continuously bark or howl cannot board here.

We ask that all pets be on a leash, in a crate, or small dogs can be carried. Please respect the flowerbeds and don’t let your pet potty or walk in them. They can potty in the big side yard, to the left of the driveway, or use the decorative fire hydrant in the front. Please keep all pets out of the other yards.

We hate to exclude any animals. We want to try to keep our sensitive furbabies comfortable, too. If your furbaby meets all the requirements, we look forward to meeting them, and you! We know they’ll have a “dog-gone” great time with us!

Want to schedule a stay with Wags!? Click the link below to print and fill out required documents for check-in.